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Scholarships for low income group members

Scholarships are available which waive the ISFP membership fee for Pathways study group members whose financial means present an insuperable barrier.

The first attempt to address the barrier should be taken at the group level. If financial hardship is the obstacle, the membership fee is collected from members of the group on behalf of the individual concerned.

If for any reason that option isn't available, then the individual can fill out the scholarship form. In support of a scholarship application, evidence of philosophical ability should be emailed to the Director of Studies. This will typically take the form of a short essay, written by the applicant in response to a question on one of the Pathways question sheets.

Evidence of financial hardship is not required, as this will have already been established by the group convenor. Scholarships will only be available through Pathways study groups.

In exceptional circumstances, an entire group could be considered for scholarships, to be reviewed on a yearly basis. In the first instance, the prospective group convenor should write to the Director of Studies explaining his/ her circumstances and those of the other group members.

The ISFP is not a commercial enterprise. However, we cannot survive as an organization without an income to pay for running costs. Thanks to the world wide web, our financial needs are very modest. At the present time, we are not seeking any donations in addition to membership fees. If, in the future, demand for ISFP scholarships increases substantially, then that is something we may have to reconsider.

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