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Launched on 2 November 2003, Philosophy for Business is an e-journal published by the International Society for Philosophers and Pathways School of Philosophy, looking at philosophical and ethical aspects of business practice.

We are aiming for a wide circulation to companies and corporations around the world, as well as academic philosophers.

In order to gain the widest possible readership, articles should be written in simple, non-technical language. The target length is 2500 words.

Some themes that we will be looking at:

   Globalization and monopoly
   Is business ethics possible?
   Philosophy of economics
   Practical ethics
   Idea of a code of conduct
   Freedom of speech
   Industrial democracy
   Whistle blowing
   Ecology and sustainability
   Education and health
   Business and the law
   Tax avoidance and evasion

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Daniel Silvermintz

Tom C. Veblen

Marco Senatore

Peter S Borkowski

Dena Hurst

Sean Jasso

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P H I L O S O P H Y   F O R   B U S I N E S S           ISSN 2043-0736


Daniel Silvermintz

Issue 82, Issue 84

Daniel Silvermintz, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Philosophy and
Director of Humanities at the University of Houston-Clear Lake. He
has previously held the position of Visiting Scholar in the Critical
Theory Institute at the University of California-Irvine, and
currently serves as an Advisory Board member for the International
Society for Philosophers. Professor Silvermintz's innovative teaching
has received both national and university wide recognition as the 2009
recipient of the Jerry G. Gaff Faculty Award from the Association for
General and Liberal Studies and as the 2017 recipient of the UHCL
President's Distinguished Teaching Award.

Professor Silvermintz's research focuses on ancient Greek political
and ethical thought and has appeared in Classical World, Polis,
Omnibus, Metaphilosophy, Ancient World, History of Political Economy,
and Yale Economic Review. His book on the founder of the sophistic
movement, Protagoras: Ancients in Action was published by Bloomsbury
Academic in 2016, and he is currently working on a book concerning
Plato's economic thought.



Tom C. Veblen

Issue 81, Issue 85

Tom Veblen is convener of The Superior Business Firm Roundtable and
chairman of Enterprise Consulting and Development, Inc., a real
estate firm active in rehabilitating inner-city rental properties in
Minneapolis and Duluth, Minnesota.

Veblen's business career includes extended stints with Cargill,
Incorporated, as an elected officer; Stanford Research Institute, as
director of the Institute's Food and Agricultural Industries
Department; and founder and managing director of Food System
Associates, Inc. and Enterprise Consulting, Inc. He graduated from
California State Polytechnic University with a Bachelor's Degree in
Agriculture and Oregon State University with a Master's Degree in
Agronomy and Plant Breeding and was elected to membership in Beta
Beta Beta and Phi Sigma honorary societies. He is profiled in
Marquis' Who's Who in Finance and the

Veblen has served as board chair for the Freedom from Hunger
Foundation, and on the Boards of the White House Fellows Association,
the University of Kentucky Patterson School, ANERA (the American Near
East Refugee Aid), and Pax World Foundation. He is a member of the
Cosmos Club, the Hillsdale College President's Club, The National
Cathedral Association, and the White House Fellows Alumni
Association. His business and civic interests have taken him
throughout Asia, South America, Europe, and the Middle East. Mr.
Veblen and his wife, Linda, reside in Washington, DC. Their five
grown children live and work in Minnesota, Ontario, and England.

His book, The Way of Business: An Inquiry into Meaning and
Superiority (2011) seeks to improve understanding of business and its
societal and cultural roles in the creation and management of
wealth — locally, nationally, and globally.



Marco Senatore

Issue 80

University of Rome La Sapienza

Marco Senatore was born in 1975 in Genoa, Italy. He is an economist
and a civil servant.

After attending classical lyceum, he graduated in Political Sciences
at the University of Rome in 2001, before getting some Masters in
Finance and International Economics. He worked at the Ministry of
Economy and Finance of Italy and as an advisor at the Executive Board
of the International Monetary Fund.

His novel Facebook e le monadi (2012) and his philosophy book
Scambiare autonomia (2013, English Edition Exchanging Autonomy 2014
Xlibris) were published in Italy by the university press Aracne. His
personal interests include politics, philosophy and sociology books,
novels, movies, jazz, rock and pop music, meditation. He speaks
Italian, English, French and Spanish.



Peter S Borkowski

Issue 76, Issue 77, Issue 78

Al Akhawayn University
School of Humanities and Social Sciences

PhD (2009) Philosophy, St Kliment Okhridski
University of Sofia, Bulgaria

Peter Stefan Borkowski was born in 1969 in Cleveland, Ohio (USA).
After completing his MA in philosophy at Cleveland State University,
he began his career in textbook sales and editing for print media and
radio. Since 2002 he has taught university courses in public speaking,
argumentation, and business communications in Bulgaria, Turkey, and
Egypt. His interests are in the areas of persuasion studies and
promoting philosophy in the practical subjects of university



Dena Hurst


Dena Hurst, Ph.D.
Instructor/ Researcher
Florida State University

"My career has been dedicated to the idea that philosophy can be
applied to improve the quality of our lives and our communities.

"I currently work has a project manager and researcher for the
Florida Institute of Government, where I have worked for the past 18
years. My primary project work for the past five years has been
designing curricula for leadership and certification programs in
various government sectors and providing group and individual

"I also teach applied philosophy courses, including philosophy
of race/ class/ gender, philosophy of feminism, political philosophy,
ethics and bioethics, classical logic, and critical thinking.

"I write, consult, lecture, and provide individual coaching and
guidance in the areas of leadership, governance, process improvement,
performance management, and change. With my colleague, Dr. Ray
Jorgensen, I co-authored Oracle of the Obvious: Secrets of Common
Sense Leadership (2010), and we are currently writing a second book
on facilitation practices.

"I am a certified philosophical counselor and work as associate
editor for the American Philosophical Practitioners Association
journal, Philosophical Practice.

"I have a bachelor's degree in Economics from Stetson University
and a master's degree and doctorate in Philosophy from Florida State
University. I live in Florida with my daughter and five rescue

Email: or



Sean Jasso


Practitioner Faculty of Economics
Pepperdine Graziadio School of Business and Management

PhD, Claremont Graduate University
MPP, Claremont Graduate University
MBA, Pepperdine University
BA, University of California, Los Angeles

"Dr. Jasso writes, teaches, and consults in the areas of political
economy, public policy, strategic marketing, and business ethics.
Working for several years in the hospitality and healthcare
industries, he combines his training in service, leadership, and
politics into his own consulting practice serving local and national
government agencies as well as various global entrepreneurial
organizations. Dr. Jasso delivers seminars, workshops, and speeches
on the global economy, Sarbanes-Oxley, and leadership. His objective
in teaching, research, and consulting has always been to build a
transdisciplinary approach of applying political and management
theories and applications to help organizations and individuals reach
their potential in what he calls The New Corporation."