International Society For Philosophers

International Society
For Philosophers

Sketch for a Constitution

I. Name The name of the organization shall be 'The International Society for Philosophers', a non-profit organization hereafter referred to as the Society. The abbreviated name of the Society shall be, ISFP.

II. Objectives The objective of the Society is the promotion of philosophy for all and its practical benefits, primarily through the medium of the internet.

  1. To co-operate with other organizations that have compatible aims.

  2. To oversee all aspects of the delivery of the Pathway programs and awards and ensure quality control.

  3. To accept everyone anywhere in the world who wishes to think together about fundamental questions.

  4. To keep members of the Society informed on developments in academic philosophy.

  5. To publish an electronic philosophy journal.

  6. To organize and maintain online conferencing, discussion lists and other means of electronic communication to exchange ideas and information about philosophy.

III. Membership Everyone who joins the Society will be understood to accept its values and objectives. Any activity incompatible with the Society's stated aims of openness and freedom of discussion will entail forfeiture of membership.

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