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International Society
For Philosophers

Associates and Fellows of the ISFP

Here is the list of members who have received the Associate and Fellowship Awards of the International Society for Philosophers, also known as 'Associate Members' and 'Fellows' of the ISFP. Some of those listed below are also members of the Board of the ISFP. Work successfully submitted for the ISFP Awards is archived on the Pathways Essays Page.

Recipients of the Associate Award

ISFP Associate Members

Tony Bellotti (ISFP Board Member)

Alan Bradnam

John Dudley

John Eberts

Tony Fahey

Curt Hayashida

Kenneth Head

Stuart Hopkins

Shirley Hughes

Mary Jennings

Gordon Kennedy

Terence Kuch

Oliver Leech

Paul Meakin

Seamus Mulholland

Neil Munro

Samuel Thorpe

George Walendowski

Andrew Watson

Justin Woods (ISFP Board Member)
Recipients of the Fellowship Award

ISFP Fellows

George Brooks

Rachel Browne (ISFP Board Member)

Mike Finch

Martin Jenkins

Peter Jones

Jürgen Lawrenz (ISFP Board Member)

Samuel Michaelides (ISFP Board Member)

George Walendowski

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