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Applying for membership of the ISFP

Join the International Society for Philosophers and participate in the oldest and largest dedicated online program for philosophy in the analytic and continental traditions.

Now in its twenty-second year and with students in over 90 countries, our program has a proven record in inspiring interest in the questions of philosophy as well as giving students the critical tools needed to pursue their interest to degree level and beyond.

Membership of the International Society for Philosophers gives you the opportunity to submit your essay portfolio and dissertation to the Board of the ISFP for our Associate and Fellowship Awards.

Membership of the ISFP can be combined with the Six Pathways to Philosophy programs. We believe that the ISFP Awards together with the six Pathways represent a credible alternative to a degree in Philosophy — at a fraction of the cost.

To apply for the Six Pathways you should submit the Pathways to Philosophy application form.

Please complete the questions below. If you would like to be contacted by ISFP members around the world, there is an option to be listed on the ISFP Open Members page. You are also invited to subscribe to our free Open Access electronic journals, Philosophy Pathways and Philosophy for Business.

The fee for Life Membership of the ISFP is 120 GBP (UK Pounds). The fee for the six Pathways to Philosophy programs is 280 GBP making a combined total of 400 GBP.

After you have successfully submitted this application form, a payment button will appear.


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