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Pathways to Philosophy Launch Page

Pathways to Philosophy Launch Page
"Pathways is the world leading philosophy distance learning program, with students following online philosophy courses in five continents and over 40 countries. The first Pathways open learning students joined in 1995. The Pathways web site was launched in 1997 by Dr Geoffrey Klempner"

Pathways to Philosophy Progams

Pathways to Philosophy Programs
"Pathways programs are designed to be intellectually challenging while remaining accessible to students who have no prior knowledge of philosophy. Our aim is to illuminate and provoke, to challenge preconceived ideas, and make you see things differently"

Philosophy Letters

Letters to My Philosophy Students
"Since 1995...I have written over two thousand letters in response to essays and course work which my students have sent me. I am presenting a sample from the first three years, which I hope will be of instructional value as well as casting light on the early development of Pathways"

Philosophy Guide

Philosophy How-To-Do-It Guide
"If you want to philosophize well, you need a good tool kit. Not just a hammer, but screwdriver and pliers, drill and saw. Every student who starts out on the road to philosophy learns how to value and assess the tools available. Try everything. Pick up anything you can use, from as wide a variety of sources as possible"

Philosophy Essays

Philosophy Essay Archive
"Pathways students...from around the world have produced many fine examples of philosophical writing. Reproduced here are essay portfolios submitted for the Associate Award. All work is copyright of the original authors"

Ask a Philosopher

Ask a Philosopher!
"There's nothing more frustrating then finding yourself stuck with a philosophical problem and not knowing how to approach it. Submit your question to Pathways and we'll see what we can do to help you think about it more clearly. Philosophy graduates and teachers are warmly invited to contribute their expertise"

PhiloSophos Knowledge Base
Feature articles, philosophy lovers gallery, archive of questions and answers, and links to search engines. "Open learning resources, advice and inspiration for students at university, on distance learning programs and college correspondence courses in philosophy"

Ten Big Questions

The Ten Big Questions
"Without science we would know very little about how the world works or about our own nature. However, the greatest value of science is that it gives us so much to think about. This web site is about discovering the power of human thought...Here are ten of the most frequently asked questions about the nature of the universe and our place in it"