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Pathways Featured Books

On this page you will find a selection of published work by ISFP Board Members, Pathways Mentors and members of the ISFP:

Sanja Ivic European Identity and Citizenship: Between Modernity and Postmodernity

Tony Bayfield, Alan Race and Ataullah Siddiqui Beyond the Dysfunctional Family: Jews Christians and Muslims

Theodore Schick and Lewis Vaughn Doing Philosophy

Tim E. Taylor Knowing What is Good For You

Elli Tikvah Sarah Trouble Making Judaism

Matthew Del Nevo The Valley Way of the Soul

Tony Fahey Vico's Road to Postmodernism

Peter Barab The Complementary Nature of Reality

Dan O'Brien An Introduction to the Theory of Knowledge

Roger Williams What Is

D.R. Khashaba Plato: An Interpretation

David Gerrold and Geoffrey Klempner The Man Who Folded Himself

Richard Schain In Love With Eternity

Nikolaos Bakalis Handbook of Greek Philosophy

Carlos Evia Rosado El Miedo a la Muerte.

Pathways E-texts

On this page you will find e-texts in Adobe Acrobat PDF format which can be downloaded from the Pathways to Philosophy web site:

Philosophizer Preview new Kindle eBook by Geoffrey Klempner

Pathways Sampler containing the first unit of each of the six Pathways programs

The Pathways Story four key offprints of articles by Geoffrey Klempner which tell the story of the Pathways School of Philosophy over the first 12 years 1995–2007

The Possible World Machine 15 short stories and dialogues from Pathways Introduction to Philosophy

Ask a Philosopher! a selection from Ask a Philosopher commissioned by Paulo Ghiraldelli Jr. for the use of students at the State University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Dilemmas in Social Philosophy a reader edited by Phil Washburn edited by Matthew Del Nevo for Pathways Schools Australia

Continental Community of Inquiry a collection of texts selected/ translated by Matthew del Nevo

Naive Metaphysics Preview Geoffrey Klempner's book originally published by Avebury in 1994, now available on Kindle

Pathways Introductory Book List

From the page:

'Here is a selection of just few of the many books available for the student starting out in philosophy. Depending on one's taste or natural ability, any one of these would be suitable for someone who had never encountered a philosophy book before. The first of the four sections contains books that ease one into the subject relatively gently. The books in section two are a little more difficult, though still accessible to beginners who are prepared to make the extra effort. Section three contains classic texts (available in various editions), while section four is reserved for examples of texts you might be looking at if you followed one of the Pathways programs.'

Included in the list is our own edition of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll which has been carefully formatted in order to preserve the idiosyncratic typesetting of the original. The book is available online from the Pathways web site.

If you are interested in writing a short review of any introductory book on philosophy which is not in this list, please email Geoffrey Klempner. In some cases, we may be able to obtain a free review copy from the publisher.

Geoffrey Klempner


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