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       Aims and Objectives of the International Society For Philosophers
    Mission statement  Mission statement
    Why study philosophy?  Why study philosophy?
    Devising a study plan  Devising a study plan
    Friends and sponsors  Associate and Fellowship Awards
    Sketch for a Constitution  Sketch for a Constitution
Aims and Objectives of the International Society for Philosophers
       Apply to Join the International Society For Philosophers
    ISFP membership application form  ISFP membership application form
    The Board of the ISFP  The Board of the ISFP
    Associate Members and Fellows  of the ISFP  Associate Members and Fellows of the ISFP
    Contact ISFP members around the world  Contact ISFP members around the world
Apply to join the ISFP
       Pathways to Philosophy study groups
    How to form a study group  How to form a study group
    Requirements for study group convenors  Requirements for study group convenors
Pathways to Philosophy study groups
       Essays by Pathways and ISFP members
    Selected essay by students taking the six Pathways  Selected essays by students taking the six Pathways
    Associate and Fellowship Award submissions  Associate and Fellowship Award submissions
    Upload and file your Pathways essay  Upload and file your Pathways essay
    Browse the Pathways essay cabinet  Browse the Pathways essay cabinet
Essays by ISFP student members
       ISFP electronic journals
    Society e-journal Philosophy Pathways archive  Electronic journal Philosophy Pathways archive
    Society e-journal Philosophy for Business archive  Electronic journal Philosophy for Business archive
    Society e-journal Philosophie und Wirtschaft archive  Electronic journal Philosophie & Wirtschaft archive
Apply to join the ISFP
       Pathways to Philosophy Distance Learning Project
    Pathways launch site  Pathways launch site
    Download the six Pathways programs  Download the six Pathways programs
    PhiloSophos knowledge base  PhiloSophos knowledge base
    The 10 big questions  The 10 big questions
    The Pathways School of Philosophy  The Pathways School of Philosophy (2007)
    Pathways: Seven Years On  Pathways to Philosophy: Seven Years On (2003)
Pathways to Philosophy
       Pathways/ ISFP Conference Archive
    The use and Value of Philosophy  The Use and Value of Philosophy
    Theories of Existence  Theories of Existence
    Philosophy - the learning curve  Philosophy — the learning curve
    Philosophy - a way of life  Philosophy — a way of life
    Last Nicenet conference  Last Nicenet conference
    Ideabox conference  Ideabox conference (large file)
Pathways Online Conference
       ISFP Publishing
    About ISFP Publishing  About ISFP Publishing
    Information for Authors  Information for Authors
    Current List  Current List
    Request a review copy  Request a review copy
    Reviewers Forum  Reviewers Forum
About ISFP Publishing
       Philosophy in Schools
    Philosophy for Children by Tim Sprod  Philosophy for Children by Tim Sprod
    Report from Sydney by Matthew Del Nevo  Report from Sydney by Matthew Del Nevo
    Pathways Schools 2003  Pathways Schools 2003 by Matthew Del Nevo and Peter Schmiedgen
    Philosophy at Catherine McAuley High by Ana Gacis  Philosophy at Catherine McAuley High by Ana Gacis
    Voyages in the Possible World Machine  Voyages in the Possible World Machine by Geoffrey Klempner
    Downloads  Continental Community of Inquiry by Matthew Del Nevo
Philosophy in Schools
       Philosophical Society of England
    Philosophical Society of England hub page  Philosophical Society of England hub page
    PSOE Northern Group at Newcastle  PSOE Northern Group at Newcastle
    The Philosopher six monthly printed journal  The Philosopher six monthly printed journal
    Philosophical Investigations - open access collaboration  Philosophical Investigations — open access collaboration
Philosophical Society of England
       Philosophy around the World
    Gallery of Russian thinkers  Gallery of Russian thinkers selected by Dmitry Olshansky
    Three Essays on Indian Religion and Philosophy  Three Essays on Indian Religion and Philosophy
    Metaphysics of the Ndi-Igbo  Metaphysics of the Ndi-Igbo by Cajethan Ndubuisi
    Philosophy of Martial Arts  Philosophy of Martial Arts by Fr Seamus Mulholland OFM

Gallery of Russian thinkers


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